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Environmental Sustainability

Akriform takes responsibility as a qualified producer of plastic products. We work with environmental issues in a structured and conscious way. Our production department use the market’s best filters, recycle all spill material. We are connected to the FTI (a nationwide recycling system for packaging) and The Green Dot.

FTI, Gröna punkten, Normpack

Being affiliated with the FTI means that we pay packaging fees in relation to the amount of packaging materials we generate. We take responsibility for collecting and recycling all package material.

Our affiliation with FTI entitles us to use the Green Dot symbol on our packaging. This symbol is used in a large number of European countries as a proof that the company meets its obligations as a producer and follow the law of producers responsibility.

We are also members of the Packforsk association, whose task is to support packaging research. Our plastic bins are Normpack approved and meet the requirements for materials in contact with food.


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