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At our factory we develop products for a variety of purposes and we control the entire product chain – from idea to finished product.

Our Business

A meeting, email or phone call render in quick results. Together we produce blueprints, 3D renderings and prototypes to guarantee a great product. Once the number of copies, ranging from one to tens of thousands, is determined, we start the production. With all parts of the business under the same roof, we can control the entire chain – from idea to finished product.

A lot of different types of plastics

At Akriform we work with the vast majority of plastic, both manually and with machines. Based on the product, we choose what kind of plastic material to use and which processing methods are suitable.

Full-scale machinery

The production consists of a full-scale machinery, including laser cutters, CNC milling machines, a computerized saw, several bending machines, polishing machines, thermoforming ovens and a wide range of other machinery. We also have a glue department with special glue tables and custom ventilation, as well as a 1,000 sqm high storage with space for call orders, standard products and large volume materials.

We work with many different industries. Together with our customers we develop products for a variety of purposes, which means we have a wide experience in implementing different ideas.

All our custom manufacturing is done exclusively on demand and we keep advising and guiding throughout the process.

Our injection molded bulk bins and gravity bins are designed and developed by Akriform in Sollentuna north of Stockholm but are manufactured by a subcontractor specialized in injection molding and extrusion, using Akriform owned tools.

With over 35 years in the business, we have a wide network of contacts and solid cooperation with many skilled subcontractors. Thereby we can offer our customers products that, in addition to plastic, also consist of components made out of sheet metal, wire, wood and lighting.

Design & construction
Sawing and drilling
Laser cutting
CNC milling
Prototype production