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1980: Claes Engström and his partner purchases a small plastic business situated in a cellar in Stockholm, Sweden. Akriform, as it is known today, is founded.

1985: To handle growing demands, Akriform moves to new facilities in Sollentuna, about 15 minutes north of Stockholm.


1990: Akriform grows to about 10 employees with sales at about 6 million SEK.

1993: Claes Engström becomes the sole owner and CEO of Akriform Plast AB, with 15 employees. Akriform moves production and headquarters to new bigger facilities in Sollentuna.

1997: A second floor is added to the production facility. Akriform becomes one of the first plastic companies to start using a laser cutter for production. The expansion allows Akriform to increase to 25 employees.


2000: Akriform grows to 40+ employees with sales at 30+ million SEK.

2010: Akriform once again out grows the facility and expands production to 3,600 m2 in a nearby property. Akriform increases the number of laser cutters to meet sales demands. Akriform also introduces its first injection molded scoop bulk bin, the Quickbox. The Quickbox offers many new to market features and reaches sales of over 100,000+ bins within the first year. Akriform begin working with distributors to expand into emerging bulk bin markets.

2011: Akriform expands the machine park by purchasing a 5-Axis CNC milling machine and a very large state of the art oven.

2013: Akriform introduces TurnOflex®, a gravity bin with turn dial dispensing.

2015: The new injection molded bulk bin Pribox® with its new and innovating display concept is launched and gets popular in both Sweden and abroad. In order to improve both the production process and the working environment, Akriform’s starts building a new factory and office.

2016: During the industrial holiday, Akriform moves to its newly built premises. A 6000 sqm custom factory with offices at Bergkällavägen 38 in Sollentuna, Sweden.

2018: Akriform currently employs more than 50 employees and has a turnover of around 100 million SEK. Our main market is Sweden / Scandinavia, but our bulk systems are now being used in most continents.

2020: With the Corona pandemic, several new products are being developed, such as cough protection screens and start- and stop sections to our bulk merchandising displays.


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