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3 November, 2015

3D renderings of custom made products


Need something custom made in Plexiglass? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our goal is to be the best plastic processing company in Scandinavia and therefore it’s important to stay updated. We keep updated with the latest technology and offer our customers services from idea to distribution.

Our process

When we customize something for you it is often done in 5 steps (see below). Have you already finished a drawing, you can just jump straight to step 3 or 4 and we’ll take it from there.

  1. Idea. At a first meeting, you, one of our project managers and our designers and engineers go through your  thoughts and ideas. Together we come up with a product that fits your needs.
  2. Drawing. Based on what was said at the first meeting our designers and engineers make drawings of the product, making it ready for production.
  3. 3D rendering. If necessary or desired, a 3D image of the drawing is made. With a 3D rendering you will see exactly how the product will look like when it is completed.
  4. Finished product. When you have approved of the drawing / 3D image and placed an order, production begins. Akriform has the capacity to do everything from one single copy up to thousands. Depending on the product and the quantity, the finished product is usually delivered after about three to four weeks from the start of production.
  5. Distribution. Whether the finished product should be delivered to you or anyone else, we can arrange the distribution.

3D Renderings

If we’re designing something for you or you have a sketch of something you need manufactured, we can make a 3D rendering of the product. This is a great tool that allows you to see how your product will look like before it is made. Our skilled engineers and designers draw images of very high quality. Below you can see some examples of 3D images beside the finished products – pretty cool!

Scoop bin for bulk products
Scoop bin for bulk products
Product display in plexiglass
Product display in plexiglass
Product display in plexiglass
Product display in plexiglass with print
Plastic table and counter display
Table and counter display
Wall mounted product display
Wall mounted product display