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17 March, 2014

Bulk Retailing: 6 products that are perfect to sell in pick & mix displays

Do you remember going to the candy store as a kid? One of the best parts of that experience was getting to create your own goody bag from the bins of different candy. Over the last decade, different stores and venues have taken this concept and put a modern twist on it. With the help of companies such as Akriform that manufacture bulk bins, the pick-and-mix concept and bulk food retailing has made a definite comeback around the world. Here, we’ll explore six different products that can benefit from bulk retailing and pick ‘n’ mix displays.

1. Pet Feed

Akriform bulk retailing: pet food bulk bins

Pet food comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are perfect for pick and mix scoop bins or gravity bins. Pet treats and pet bones also work well for bulk retailing. Whether you provide run-of-the-mill pet food or offer high-end pet food designed to meet certain dietary or content requirements; as long as your product can flow freely or be scooped, our displays will ensure it looks fantastic! It’s a proven merchandising practice that better displayed products tend to produce more sales. Our bulk bins are both sanitary and attractive, providing a perfect display.

2. Whole Bean Coffee

Akriform bulk retailing: coffee beans bulk bins

Coffee roasting companies are back in fashion. Much as with the craft breweries, small bean roasting operations have discovered a niche in the market that has garnered quite a bit of attention from coffee drinkers. Whole bean coffee is more than a fashion statement. It retains its flavor better than ground coffees and also stays fresh for longer periods. Whole bean coffee in clear pick and mix bins or in gravity bins allows customers to select precise amounts of different roasts, which they can then enjoy separately or use to create their own special blends. The TurnOflex gravity bin, by Akriform has recently gained popularity as the ideal whole bean coffee bin.

3. Loose Tea Leaves

Akriform bulk retailing: loose tea leaf bulk container

Coffee isn’t the only hot beverage that sells well when displayed in our pick & mix displays. Loose leaf teas come in a variety of flavors and are often quite colorful and attractive. Our displays will complement your product, presenting them beautifully and encouraging sales. The 3 tier TurnOflex gravity bin gondola display, by Akriform has become an instant hit for loose tea. Similar to coffee beans, providing customers with the option to pick and mix the perfect blend of tea leaves builds customer loyalty.

4. Cereal

Akriform bulk retailing: cereal bulk container

The wide selection of breakfast cereals makes cereal a perfect product to dispense in bulk bins. Not only do our bulk cereal bins allow for compact merchandising and easy refill, but they’re also sanitary and easy to clean. Many cafeterias and lodgings (motels, hotels, etc) have taken to dispensing cereal in gravity bins, and it’s easy to see why! Major hotels and school campuses are finding that customers/students really enjoy the ability to pick ‘n’ mix their own cereal bowl. Major cereal manufacturers are providing their retailers with our new-to-market gravity cereal dispenser to increase consumption and sales.

5. Spices

Akriform bulk retailing: spice bulk container

Spices are another natural choice for unique merchandising. The wonderful variety of colors and textures is perfect for bulk retailing. Not only do spices merchandise well in clear containers, but bulk sale by weight is common for spices. Allow your customers to buy whatever volume of spice they require, instead of having to purchase more than necessary.

6. Pasta

Akriform bulk retailing: pasta bulk bin

Pasta is fantastic and many varieties are compact in nature, allowing for easy merchandising in pasta bulk bins. So many forms of pasta are attractive, interesting shapes and clear plastic displays beautifully merchandise these products. Contact Akriform to learn more about which pasta products work best with scoop or gravity bins.

If you have anything really challenging to display, we’d love to work with you on a custom solution!

If you’re a retail provider of any of these items or other products that would benefit from pick and mix systems, call Akriform today. Our team of dedicated professionals is on call to help you maximize your business and merchandising potential.

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