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17 January, 2022

Home From the Arctic

Shortly after New Year, we received an email with the subject title “Home from the Arctic”. One of our customers had now returned from the Synoptic Arctic Survey expedition in the Arctic Ocean, to which Akriform had been involved and manufactured equipment in the form of plexiglass tanks (incubators).

Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) with the Swedish icebreaker Oden is part of an international expedition where Oden is one of a dozen research vessels that map the Arctic Ocean in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

– We are incredibly happy with the incubators and the other researchers were very impressed. There have never before been such robust incubators on board Oden, says Hanna Farnelid, associate professor of marine ecology at Linnaeus University who was one of the research leaders on board the expedition.

We thank Hanna for the opportunity to deliver equipment to the expedition, and for letting us know how it was used. It is always incredibly rewarding to see products we have manufactured in its right environment.

More information about the expedition can be read here:

Picture 1-4: Hanna Farnelid
Picture 5: Oskar Stenquist
Picture 6: Janina Rahlff
Picture 7: Hans-Jørgen Hansen
Picture 8: Hanna Farnelid