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14 October, 2021

Sheets of recycled acrylic

In October 2021, two new sheets of recycled acrylic have launched, one extruded (coextruded) with 90% recycled acrylic and one cast consisting of 100% recycled acrylic.

Most of Akriforms products are made of acrylic/plexiglass and we recycle all waste from our production. We are therefore very positive about this new addition to the market.

Are you in need of a custom-made merchandising solution or other custom products? Do you want to know more about recycled materials and what more we can do to produce a sustainable product? Contact us and we will help you.

återvunnen akryl


Acrylic is often popularly called plexiglass. The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and the material was developed as early as the 1930s. Acylic is often used instead of glass because it is lighter, more impact-resistant and moldable.

Acrylic is available in two different variants – extruded and cast. Both have excellent resistance to UV light, long durability and resist weathering. But what exactly is the difference? Below we list some characteristics that differ.

  Extruded Acrylic Cast Acrylic
Properties Heterogeneous material that shrinks differently in length and width when heated Homogeneous material that shrinks equally in all directions when heated
Material Cost Cheaper More expensive
Laser Engraving Not suitable for laser engraving Suitable for laser engraving
Colors Limited color range Available in many different colors, normally 3 mm thick
Milling Good Very Good
Thickness 1,5-25 mm 2-100 mm
Examples of Applications Sheets, rods and pipes. Sheets, rods and pipes (rods and pipes in limited dimensions)