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2 February, 2021

Sustainable plastic use

Plastic is an important and common material in our everyday lives. It has many features that help solve a number of problems and needs in our society. This is sometimes forgotten in today’s debates. It is important to distinguish between different plastics and to work for a sustainable use of plastics rather than trying to eliminate plastics completely.

In Sweden, about 40% of all used plastics is recycled to become new plastic products. The rest becomes electricity and is used for district heating (energy recovery). A very small part ends up in the environment through littering.*

*Source: IKEM (Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden)

At Naturvårdsverkets (The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s) website, you can read about what they mean by sustainable plastic use:

  • Resource-smart use
  • Raw material with minimal environmental impact
  • Significantly increased material recycling
  • No leakage: Plastic should not end up in nature and harm people, animals or nature

Akriform’s entire business concept is completely in line with these points. Our goal is to create the best possible products for our customers, products that are designed and manufactured so that they can be used for a long time and can be recycled.

At their webpage Naturvårdsverket (The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s) writes:

“Instead of manufacturing, buying and then throwing away plastic products, plastic needs to become part of the circular economy. In the circular economy, the products are used for as long as possible, they are reused or recycled to then become new products. All this to consume as little as possible of the earth’s resources.”