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Glued Pribox

The Glued Pribox is a low, tilted acrylic bin with a sugar tray, a back hook and a slow and quiet self-closing lid. Our glued Pribox is pattern protected and is available in two standard widths, 175 mm and 220 mm. It can also be made in other widths on request.

Lösgodisexponering, ICA Maxi

Advantages with the glued pribox


Modern straight design

The Glued Pribox has a new modern design with maximum product exposure. The bin has no excess top part. Instead the label is placed on the shelf to not interfere with the product exposure. The straight edges of the bin work very well with LED lighting and makes the display look clean and unified.

Limmad Pribox med gångjärn och sockerlåda

Self-closing lid

The lid is fitted with our patented Sweetlock hinge, making it self-closing. The lid closes slowly and quietly, which contributes to a lower sound level in the store.


Sugar tray

Channels in the bottom of the glued Pribox ensures that salt, sugar and crumbles fall into the sugar tray and keeps the bin fresh longer. The sugar tray is easy to empty and simplifies the maintenance.

Limmad Pribox med plocklock och bakkrok


Refilling is done from the back for maximum product rotation. The back lid stays open during refill.


individual slide-out feature

The glued Pribox can, just like our injection molded bins, be provided with a back hook which enables the bin to slide out individually. The back-hook connects to the upper shelf and holds the bin in place while filling, which simplifies refilling and eliminates heavy lifting.

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Per Sima
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Pribox ICA Kvantum Farsta
Glued Pribox Gallery
Limmad akryl godisburk
Glued Pribox for natural sweets
Limmad akrylburk för nötter & snacks
Glued Pribox, scoop holders and scoops
godisburk ICA
Glued Pribox at ICA Maxi - LED-lighting and 5 shelves
Pribox med godis
Glued Pribox, 4 shelves
Pribox ICA Kvantum Farsta
Glued Pribox - ICA Kvantum
Akriforms akrylburkar, Bonbons i Köpenhamn
Blued Pribox - Store in Copenhagen
Akrylburk för godis i träställ
Glued Pribox - example with wooden rack
Limmad Pribox med bakkrok
Glued Pribox with back-hook
Limmad Pribox med bakkrok
Glued Pribox with back-hook
Limmad Pribox påfyllningslock
Glued Pribox with open lids
Limmad Pribox sockerlåda
Glued Pribox with sugar tray
Limmad Pribox bred modell
Glued Pribox wide model
55045-0017 Glued Pribox narrow