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Maxi is a glued acrylic scoop bin in boot model. The lid can be fitted with our patended Sweetlock hinge, making it self-closing and quiet.

Basic front plate

The Basic scoop bin is made out of crystal-clear material and has a sharp squared design with stylish laser cut edges.

The inner front panel creates a space that can be filled with products, resulting in the bin always looking refilled.

Maxi bulk bin


  • 4 mm thick acrylic scoop bin
  • Standard lid or Sweetlock slow self-closing lid
  • Label holder
  • WxDxH = 220 x 300 x 300 mm
  • Volume = about 10 liters
Bulk candy
Maxi Gallery
Maxi bulk box with top lid
Refill from the top - first in first out product rotation
Maxi candy bin
Maxi candy bin - front view
Maxi bulk box with top lid
Maxi top lid
Maxi candy bin with front lid
Maxi lid
Maxi candy bin
Maxi candy bin - side view
Maxi candy display

Maxi Racks

For the Space bin Akriform offers a standard fixture that holds 16 scoop bins.

For more information on dimensions, prices and top signs, please contact us and we will tell you more.

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Maxi bulk bin