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Pribox® is our latest concept, with the new generation of injection molded candy bins and matching racks. Suitable for different types of bulk products. The Pribox® scoop bins have all the smart features to meet current market demands, as well as a new design with maximum product exposure, on tilted shelves.

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Pribox® candy display solutions

advantages with the PRIBOX® – fixture

Several different standard sizes

In order to meet different height and depth requirements, the Pribox® sheet metal racks are available in different sizes;

  • Standard display system (W: 900 mm, D: 770 mm, H: 1767 mm) with 5 shelves and room for 15 Pribox® bins.
  • Slim display system (W: 900 mm, D: 528 mm, H: 1513 mm) with 4 shelves and room for 12 Pribox® bins.

Matching corners sections are available for both systems.
As a manufacturer, we can make various adjustments to the display systems to accommodate your specific needs.

Pribox® candy display - Sugar Up, Handen

flexible design

Akriform makes several different types of fixtures that fit the Pribox® bin. Sheet metal racks can be lacquered in almost any color and wooden racks are available in different designs.
Since the Pribox® displays consist of different sections, you can put together a display that suits your specific needs – against a wall, with or without corner sections or as a stand-alone island.

Bulk candy display with different top signs and LED lighting

Top signs and lighting

The display can be equipped with different types of top signs and lighting options. LED-lighting that illuminate each shelf, arched or straight top signs with or without lighting. There are many options to give the display an unique touch.


Godisställ med förvaring

Storage unit

At the bottom of the display rack there is a pull-out storage unit for extra bags, spoons etc. The storage unit has a built-in chute and collection box.


Spillage collector

The spill chute at the bottom of the display collects spilled products in a collection box, which helps to keep the area fresh and minimizes cleaning.


Quickbox product range & brochure

Pribox® product range & BROCHURE

Explore our Pribox® range with bins and display systems. Welcome to place your orders by email or phone.

Pribox® range (pdf)    Pribox® brochure (pdf)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help placing your order or if you have any questions.


Pribox pick & mix lösning från Akriform

advantages with the PRIBOX® – bins


new modern design

The low, tilted candy bin with small label holder maximizes the product exposure. The new label holder covers the edges of the shelves above, giving the display a clean and unified look. LED-lighting brightens up both the products and the label holders.


Big self-closing lid

The slow and quiet, self-closing lid makes it easy for the customer to shop and keep the products fresh longer.

practical sugar tray

The sugar tray with sections stops the sugar from accumulating in the front.


One or two dividers

The bin can be split with one or two dividers, which makes it possible to hold up to 45 different kinds of products in one 90 cm wide section.

Pribox påfyllning


Refilling from the back lid for maximum product rotation. This keeps the products fresh longer and makes refilling easy.


Individual slide-out feature

Thanks to the back hook, each bin securely slides out from the display for easy refill and eliminating heavy lifting. A filling funnel makes refilling divided bins easier.

Staplingsbar godisburk


The bin can be delivered in one piece or unassembled. When unassembled it is stackable, which reduces the freight and storage costs. Since the bin is made out of mountable parts, a worn part can be replaced. Instead of buying a brand-new bin, you can easily just replace the worn part – which is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Pribox® 150 candy bin

NEW – PRIBOX® Now available in a smaller version

Akriform has developed a slimmer version of the bestselling scoop bin Pribox® – perfect for bulk candy with a lower turnover rate or for shops with a limited sales area.

Pribox® 150 is half the width of Pribox® 300, which means that both scoop bins can be combined in the same display system. Pribox® 150 also has an integrated back hook and the bottom strainer and sugar tray has a new design. The volume is 7 liters compared to the larger version that holds 15 liters.

Lösviktsställ Pribox
Pribox® Gallery
Pribox formsprutad godisburk
Pribox® with back hook (sold separately)
Pribox scoop bin
Pribox® with back hook (sold separately)
Pribox formsprutad godisburk
Pribox® with open pick lid and back lid
Pribox låga lösviktskoncept - ICA Effkå
Pribox® Slim in store, with top box
Pribox® Hemköp City
Pribox® Hemköp Stockholm City
Pribox® Hemköp City
Pribox® Hemköp Stockholm City
Pribox® utdragbar
Individual slide-out feature
Pribox® påfyllning
Refilling from the back
Pribox® förvaringslåda med spillränna
Pribox® storage box with spillage collector
Pribox® med avdelare & mugghållare
Pribox® dividers and mug holder
Pribox® med topplåda
Pribox® top bins
Pribox® bakkrok
Individual slide-out feature with back hook


We can customize solutions for you and help you choose the right system based on your needs.

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PREMIUM quality

  • Keeps the products fresh longer
  • Facilitates refilling and maintenance
  • Approved for food stuff (Normpack certified)
  • Easy to vary, both in size and apperance