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Our innovative Quickbox solution is one of the most complete systems on the market. With 30 years of industry experience, we have combined economy and flexibility with form and function. The result is Quickbox, the market’s most well-tested solution with approximately 700,000 bins sold worldwide.

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Quickbox pick & mix display solutions

The Quickbox Display


Several different Display Solutions

The Quickbox concept is designed to cater to both the store, the store employees and the customers’ needs and requirements. The display racks consist of straight sections and corner sections, which makes it possible to put together a display that suit your specific needs. A straight wall, with or without a corner ends, or an independent island – with Quickbox you can choose yourself.

Quickbox display stands

Several different standard sizes

In order to meet different height and depth requirements, all sections of the Quickbox display system are available in different sizes;

  • Standard display system (W: 900 mm, D: 770 mm, H: 1850 mm) with 4 shelves and room for 16 Quickbox bins.
  • Low display system (W: 900 mm, D: 550 mm, H: 1400 mm) with 3 shelves and room for 12 Quickbox bins.

Matching corner sections are available for both systems.
As a manufacturer, we can make various adjustments to the display systems to accommodate your specific needs.

Quickbox top signs

Top Signs & Branding

Akriform offers a variety of top sign solutions; high, low, with or without lighting. All of our top signs are are designed so that it is easy to change the printing, which simplifies individual branding and seasonal campaigns. The display racks can be painted in virtually any color, offering the perfect opportunity to create a unique overall impression.

Storage unit

At the bottom of the display rack there is a pull-out storage unit for extra bags, spoons etc. The storage unit has a built in spill chute and collection box that collects spilled products and helps keep the display and the area around the display fresh and clean. A bumper bar in the bottom of the display protects the rack from shopping carts and cleaning machines.

Quickbox cup holder


The Quickbox display can be supplemented with a module for cups.
A compartement for paper bags are always included as standard equipment.

* Cups, lids and paper bags are not sold by Akriform.

Quickbox artikellista

quickbox product range & Brochure

Explore our Quickbox range with bins and display systems. Welcome to place your orders by email or phone.

Quickbox range (pdf)    Quickbox brochure (pdf)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help placing your order or if you have any questions.


Quickbox refilling

The Quickbox candy Bin


First in First out

The Quickbox candy bin, which also can be used for other types of bulk products, is designed to increase sales within the category and reduce operating costs, for example by individual refilling from the top.

Refilling from the top means first-in-first-out and maximum product rotation.

Candy bin with self-closing lid

Self-Closing Lid

The large slow-closing lid is easy for customers to pick from and closes quietly and automatically. The lid keeps the products fresh longer and because it closes slowly, the noise levels are kept down even when a lot of customers pick at the same time.

Quickbox sugar tray

Sugar Tray & Functional design

The angled front reduces the build-up of sugar and salt which instead falls into the sugar tray. The sugar tray collects sugar, salt and crumbs and is easy to empty when needed. The rounded design of the candy bin prevents sugar and salt from sticking in corners and creases, which simplifies the cleaning. The ridged walls prevents sticky candy from getting stuck and clump.

Quickbox candy bin with divider

Two Bins in One – With Divider

A divider can easily be put in the middle of the bin, which allows the use of one bin with two different types of flavors / products. Perfect for offering a wide variety of products on a smaller space or for products that do not sell as fast as others.



  • Keeps the products fresh longer
  • Facilitates refilling and maintenance
  • Approved for food stuff (Normpack certified)
  • Easy to vary, both in size and apperance

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We can customize solutions for you and help you choose the right system based on your needs
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Butiksinredning för lösviktsgodis, Candy Corner
Quickbox Gallery
QB Hemköp Mall of Scandinavia
Hemköp Mall of Scandinavia
Quickbox, Candy Corner, Sweden
Candy Corner
candy corner
Candy Corner
Quickbox, Hemköp Torsplan, Sweden
Quickbox at Hemköp Torsplan
Quickbox slide-out feature
Individual slide-out feature
Quickbox storage space
Storage box with spillage collector
Quickbox back hook
Backhook (sold separately) for slide-out feature
Quickbox bag and spoon holder
Built-in bag holders and double scoop holders
Quickbox display corner
Quickbox corner shelf
Quickbox slow closing lid
Quiet and slow self-closing lid
Quickbox with nuts & snacks, Hemköp Stockholm
Natural snacks at Hemköp Torsplan
Quickbox top sign
One example of Quickbox top signs