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Pribox® 150 scoop bin

Injection molded multi-functional scoop bin with small label holder and maximum product exposure.
W: 145 mm, D: 394 mm, H: 196 mm, volume: 7 L

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Pribox® 150 is our latest Pick & Mix concept. A multi-functional injection molded scoop bin with a small label holder that maximizes the product exposure. Read more about our Pribox® concept here.

Pribox® 150 is half the width as Pribox® 300, which makes it possible to combine both bins in the same displays. Pribox® 150 also has an integrated back hook and a new sugar tray. It holds 7 liters compared to Pribox® 300 that holds 15 liters.

Included when buying a complete Pribox® 150 bin:

  • Base bin
  • Beam
  • Slow self-closing lid
  • Back lid with built-in label holder (label size: 294×40 mm)
  • Sugar tray

Width: 145 mm
Depth: 394 mm
Height: 196 mm
Volume: aprox. 7 L