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Quickbox scoop bin

373.00 SEK

Injection molded scoop bin with slow self-closing lid, label holder and sugar tray.
W: 222 mm, D: 428 mm, H: 354 mm, volume: 15.5 L.

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Quickbox is an injection molded scoop bin with angled front that reduces the build-up of sugar and salt which instead falls into the sugar tray. The rounded design of the bin prevents sugar and salt from sticking in corner and creases which simplifies cleaning. The ridged walls prevents sticky candy from sticking. Read more about Quickbox and all the smart features. Scoop holder and back hook is sold separately.

Included when you buy a complete bin:

  • Base bin
  • Slow self-closing lid
  • Top lid
  • Label holder (label size: 210×164 mm or 210×129 mm)
  • Sugar tray

Width: 222 mm
Depth: 428 mm
Height: 354 mm
Volume: 15.5 L