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Due to the continued spread of corona / covid-19,
Akriform offers visors with replaceable protective plastic.

The visor consists of only two parts; head frame and protective plastic. The parts can be washed and reused and can also be ordered separately.



  • No condensation on the inside of the visor thanks to the airy construction of the head frame
  • The head frame and protective plastic can both be disinfected with alcohol
  • Unmounted, the head frame and protective plastic take up little storage and shipping volume compared to pre-assembled visors
  • The protective plastic is easy to replace: open the head frame, put in the protective plastic, snap the head frame shut – done!
  • The fixing of the protective plastic does not need holes and the protective plastic can therefore be seamlessy adjusted to the desired height, either with all of the plastic down or with protective plastic above the head frame.
  • Approved by the The Swedish Work Environment Authority

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