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Hemköp Torsplan

At Hemköp Torsplan in Stockholm you can see two excellent examples of how flexible Akriform’s Quickbox concept really is. The system consists of straight sections and corner sections, which makes it possible to create all kinds of different display solutions, depending on what you are looking for.

For their bulk candy department, Hemköp Torsplan chose 9 straight sections and 4 corner sections, creating an free-standing island that is easy for the customers to pick from. For their natural snacks (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate covered licorice etc) a standard wall display with four sections was the best fit.

Quickbox fristående ö

From CHALLENGE to possibility

Creating a stand-alone island exposure could have been out of the question due to a large pillar in the middle of the floor. However, this was resolved by excluding one of the Quickbox sections and building the bulk candy department around the pillar. Dressing the pillar in vinyl that matches the top signs and labels, made it blend in well.

Quickbox hörnavslut

Quickbox corner section

For the Quickbox corner sections you can choose between glued corner bins or shelf fronts. Hemköp Torsplan chose the later and filled the corner sections with single-wrapped candy.

Quickbox muggmodul

cup modules & bag holders

Both Quickbox standard sections and low sections are available with cup modules, ie storage for cups and caps. Built-in bag holders are always included in Akriform’s Quickbox fixtures.

Read more about our Quickbox system here.



  • Quickbox scoop bins
  • Quickbox standard sections
  • Corner sections
  • Top signs
  • Scoops & scoop holders
  • Cup modules